The art of guiding others lies in knowing how to help them harness the power
of their own minds and access their own inner wisdom.
— Aadil P.


I think this is where I’m supposed to list all the reasons I’m the greatest and why you should listen or work with me.

Fortunately for you I’m not good at regurgitating repetitive bullshit.

You shouldn’t listen to me, you should listen to yourself. If anything, I am simply a guide to help you remember how to do just that.

What I believe?

I believe wholistic health is the answer to your woes.

I believe that once you reconnect with the divine power within, you become unstoppable. You create immunity from the things of this world and start intentionally creating a life of health & wellness.

I believe you were not put on this earth to be sick, unfulfilled or unnecessarily suffering.

I believe you can reverse any illness or dis-ease of mind and body.

What I’ve done?

I’ve been ordinary. I’ve lived average. I’ve listened to society, family, friends, and the church. I’ve taken pride in suffering.

I’ve followed conventional thinking, eating, and beliefs, and I’ve found myself unhealthy, broke, and desperately trying to figure out why all of what I “knew” and “believed” wasn’t able to help me.

I’ve been sick with a body riddled with chronic acne, chronic bloating, thinning hair, slow bowels, body rashes, ungodly night sweats, and unbearable monthly cycles.

I’ve been lost then found after asking myself one question: What if I’m wrong?

What if everything I think I know about my health & wellness is a lie?
What if the foods I’m eating are affecting my thinking and making me sick?
What if no one is coming to save me?

I’ve also been empowered by getting back to Mother Nature and using plants to speak to and cleanse my body of dis-eases.

Why it matters?

A cleaned body opened up my mind in ways I never imagined. Different thinking resulted in different doing and from there every aspect of my life changed.

My “Project” is to remind you that:

  1. Your health is the foundation for everything else in your life.

  2. You can heal from any condition of mind or body.

  3. You have the divine ability to create the life you want.

Whether you’re looking for help with your health or with your outlook on life, the God or savior you’re looking for is within.

Information changes situations and it is my hope that the information provided through my work will challenge your thinking and open the door to everything you desire.

I’m a witness that it can be done.

Some people are here for love and light. Me, I’m here for real and dark. Those places we’ve spent a lifetime avoiding where real, true transformation happens.

Funny enough once you get into the thick of it you’ll find that embracing that place will lead you to the love and light you're looking for, by default. But you can’t have one side of the coin without the other.

If you decide to stick around, buckle up for the ride because it might get bumpy.

Here’s to getting Healthy & Well.

For real, this time.