How To Stay Consistent With Your Health Goals



The word we seem to have a love-hate relationship with.

The universal “secret” to success, in not only our pursuit of health but in our quest to be our best, personally and professionally.

I know what you're thinking, Rook it's not a damn secret, most people know what consistency is and its importance, but they just haven't figured out how to operate in it.

You know, the art of being consistently consistent.

Yes, I know. I get it, trust me.

No one knows the struggle of trying to stay consistent more than me. Over exaggeration, maybe, but I know from experience that trying to stay consistent can be extremely confusing and frustrating.

I mean, you believe you have the right ingredients - you see it and believe it, and initially you find yourself following through on your goals - being consistent.

Then as expected life happens and your efforts begin to dwindle.

The question is, why?

Why can't you "stay" consistent? 

If you know your health is on the line, if you know what you're attempting to accomplish is to your benefit, why is it so difficult to say what you're going to do and then DO IT?!

Your Mind is Anti-Consistency

I don't know of any topic that I will discuss that won't speak to your mental magick.

Everything that you do or don't do starts in your mind.

As a man thinketh, so is he.

I used to wonder why the concept that your mind creates your reality was considered a "Secret" but now I see that it's because most people either don't know it or don't consciously practice it.

Here's the deal. You are inconsistent because you expect to be inconsistent. You expect to not follow through, just like last time. And that's exactly what you do.

It has even become a fond little joke that you share with other people who can't seem to figure this consistency game out either.

"Man you didn't follow through on your goals either, haha I know the feeling."

Failure becomes the glue that holds some of our best relationships together. It's our one thing in common to come together to discuss and convince each other how it's not only ok but acceptable to not follow through.

But truth be told it's a defense mechanism.

If you keep just a little bit of "failure expectancy" stored up in your mind, when you actually do fail it doesn't sting as much, or so you believe.

You Won't Make A Decision

This is going to trip you up. 

I know that you think you've already made a decision to accomplish your health goals but I'm here to tell you, you haven't.

It's still optional and that's why you can't stay consist.

Imagine if you went to the doctor tomorrow and he/she told you that if you did not immediately change your eating habits and start exercising, you would die in 30 days. 

What would you do?

Oh your ass would kick in gear AND your ass would stay consistent with it.


Because immediately upon hearing what the doc said, living would become a priority so you would make a decision that you wanted to live.

Your health goals aren't a priority for you, yet.

Until they become one, the consistency you're looking for will be nothing more than a fleeting thought.

You Have Options

On Episode 53 of the Project Rook podcast I talked about what I believe is the key to staying consistent with your health goals - burning your boats.

As the story is told, Spanish conqueror Hernando Cortes decided that he, along with about 500-600 of his men, would overtake the Aztec Empire.

Long story short, they gassed up the pacer hopped on their boats and began the journey to the shores of Central Mexico.

Upon arrival, Cortes' men realized that they were greatly outnumbered and began to question and become fearful of the task at hand.

Cortes was like ain't this a bitch after realizing the uncertainty and fear his men were experiencing he ordered them to immediately burn the boats.

Cortex was like, yo, if we're leaving on boats, it's going to be THEIR boats! ha!

Like a straight OG Cortes eliminated their option to retreat. It became a do or die situation, literally.

So how does that apply to you?

You have options. Options to quit and fold.

There is always a fallback just in case you don't come through on your goals like you said. You always have a getaway boat to escape the shores of excellence, the shores of greatness, the shores of more.

If you're honest with yourself you know that any time you've had the option to retreat in life, you've done just that.

When we look at our ancestors we often wonder what were they made of to have been able to endure all that they did.

Simple, they had no other options to do otherwise.

You must burn your boats my friends.

Now What?

If you're seriously hungry for change, and consistency, you will need to have a heart to heart with life.

This requires you to look life dead in the eyes and make your demands known. Yes, you must decide what it is that you're demanding from life, not asking.

If it's health and wellness, first believe that what you want (fitness, healing, happiness etc) is possible and then make a decision to pursue your desires with everything in you until you get it. Remove the option to retreat and adopt the do or die mindset to keep going and restart as many times as necessary.

Then relax.

You have an internal war going on and until you come to grips with the fact that where you are right now is exactly where you're supposed to be, you will continue to put up resistance.

The more you resist the more the thing you don't want persists.

The journey is not about perfection but awareness - the process of learning who you are and why it is that you do what you do.

The more you get to know you, the more you begin to remember who you and are the power you possess. You begin to think so highly of yourself, knowing that there is nothing that you cannot do.

This by itself is electrifying and creates such a level of self motivation and inspiration that you no longer have to fight to be consistent, it just becomes a part of who you are.

Remember you are your greatest assignment, so if not you, then who else is going to make this thing happen?

Podcast Episode 53 - The Key To Staying Consistent w/Your Health


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