PR81: #DetoxSeries - The Power of the Mind - How Generational Thinking Leads To Illness

All month we’re talking Detoxification!

What is it? Why does it matter? How is it done? Is it really the key to health and longevity? Is it the answer to reversing illness and disease?

Thank you to the #DetoxSeries Sponsor, Mama Khemmy of Heal Thyself 360

Episode Notes
[03:30] The most important part of detoxing
[07:20] The impact of generational programming
[10:00] The health that you want must be created in your mind
[14:55] Physical stress and mental stress
[18:55] The impact of family & generational thinking
[26:45] Toxic women
[30:00] The stress of trying to live up to society’s expectations
[33:50] What you obsess over has your power
[36:56] As a man thinketh so is he
[39:25] Cleaning the body will open the gateway to a clean mind


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